Who We Are

We are a small family of 4 plus 1 dog and live in Terra Alta, WV. We endure cold and snowy winters and hot summers but our Fall is beautiful and perfect weather. We really love the outdoors, and love to go hiking, biking, and camping. We live in Alpine Lake Resort in the middle of the woods. We have a large lake we can swim, boat, or fish in, an 18 hole golf course, a put-put golf course, a playground, and a lodge with a restaurant, fitness center and game room. The guard at the entrance makes us feel secure in this little community. In the Autumn we have a lot of leaves that fall all around our house and property. We have lived in this house since January 2014. We are making lot of remodeling and modifications to make this our home.

We like to go geocaching and have found over 100 caches. We have also hid a lot of OpenCaches in our area. When we go on vacations, we always make sure to geocache the area. It always takes us to great places that we never would have known about without searching for the caches. Our Profile

We use dropbox to store and upload our photos and videos. On many pages and posts of this site you will see links to dropbox folders. Clicking on these will take you to the corresponding dropbox folder where you can view our photos. This makes it quick and easy to update our albums from our phones no matter where in the world we are, as long as we have a data connection.